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Economy Flail Mower

FL 165 Bully Flail Mower Iconic.png

FL Series

23 - 40 PTO HP

The FL flail mower range is suitable for tractors from 23 horsepower to 40 horsepower with a Category 1 hitch...

Standard-Duty Flail Mower

FMH Mower Iconic.png

FMH Series

35 - 70 PTO HP

The FMH series is suitable for tractors from 35 horsepower to 70 horsepower with a category 1 hitch...

Heavy-Duty Flail Mower

BPF Iconic.jpg

BPF Series

50 - 100 PTO HP

The BPF Series is suitable for tractors from 50 horsepower to 100 horsepower with a Category 2 hitch. It's a powerful piece of...

Finishing Mower

SGM2.1 Grooming Mower Iconic.png

SGM Series

20 - 65 PTO HP

These Grooming / Finishing Mowers provide superior cutting quality for turf surfaces and well-maintained lawns.  They will easily meet the...