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X-treme 4-N-1 (shown with optional side cutter). The cylinders on our compact tractor 4-N-1 Buckets have a 2" bore. The cylinders on our Standard Duty & Heavy Duty 4-N-1 Buckets have a 2.5" bore. They are equipped with a 1/2" x 6" cutting edge and 1/2" x 4" at all other ground engaging points. Our X-treme 4-N-1 Buckets have cylinders with a 3" bore. They are equipped with a 1" x 8" cutting edge and 3/4 " x 6" at all other ground engaging points.

They are also built with top quality steel, oversized pins and bushings, with grease fittings at every pivot point. Every unit exceeds the lifting capacity of the skid steer machine it is used on. Optional weld-on teeth available for Heavy-Duty and X-treme Buckets.


• 2" cylinders on compact tractor
• 2.5" cylinders on standard duty and heavy duty
• 3" cylinders on X-treme
• Grease fittings at every pivot point
• Optional weld on teeth
• Optional bolt on edge (HD & XD)
• Optional side cutter (HD)
• Compact Tractor sizes: 48", 54", 60", 66", 72" (under 40 hp)
• Standard Duty sizes: 60", 66", 72" (40 – 50 hp )
• Heavy Duty sizes: 63", 66", 72" (50 - 65 hp)
• X-treme Duty sizes: 72", 78", 81", 84" (65 hp & over)
• X-treme Duty Equipped with Side Cutters

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4-in-1 Buckets