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The Titan Implement Fixed Tree Saw is a useful attachment when it comes to land management. From clearing undergrowth to cutting out smaller trees this tree saw attachment will leave your land looking like it should. This tree saw has two flow models. One that runs at 17 to 23 GPM and does not require a case drain. Another that runs at 20 to 30 GPM, is a piston motor and requires a case drain. All hydraulics are routed through the boom for protection. The blade holder is ½” AR400 and there are fifteen high strength, four sided cutting teeth.


• 17 to 23 GPM and does not require a case drain
• 20 to 30 GPM, Piston Motor and requires case drain
• Blade holder is ½” AR400
• Fifteen high strength, four sided cutting teeth

X-treme Tree Saw

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